Public Exhibition


QUESTION: We would like to exhibit Wesley at our Church / School / University.  How can we do that legally?

ANSWER:  There are several ways to arrange public exhibition of Wesley. Each has its own benefits and responsibilitites:

At Your Church | As A Fundraiser | At School, College, or University



To show the movie at your church to members and guests, you may purchase a CHURCH LICENSE that is based on the average worship attendance of your congregation.  Normally you may not charge admission, though you may take a free will offering to offset the cost of showing the movie.  Of course, you may also sell popcorn and sodas!

Buy the Church Moive Night Kit!

Remember that Wesley is an award-winning cinema production with a powerful soundtrack.  It is best experienced by large groups on a powerful projector with strong sound system.

DON'T HAVE A GOOD MOVIE PROJECTION SETUP? There are several options:

  • Partner with a larger congregation that has a good projection system and A/V-savvy staff for the screening.
  • Rent a local performance hall or even a real movie theater!  Many local multiplexes will rent time in one of their theaters and exhibit the film with their top-notch digital projector and Dolby sound system!  If you plan to do this, Foundery Pictures can help arrange for the best possible viewing experience!
  • If you're in the VA-NC -SC area, inquire about our MOBILE CINEMA!


Fundraising License



We are testing a special FUNDRAISER LICENSE which has no up-front cost to the congregation.  A district or group of congregations plan a fundraising evcent with Wesley as the main attraction.  The fundraising cause can be any legitimate cause such as Haiti relief, a building campaign, funding a mission crew, etc.  Foundery Pictures will ship you, AT NO UP-FRONT COST, a licensed exhibition copy of the movie, posters, and a PR kit that explains how to organize and publicize your event.  A free will offering is taken at the event, and 50% of the offering is paid to Foundery Pictures as film rental; the other 50% is applied without restriction to the cause of your choice.  This is a good option that allows churches to exhibit the movie with no up-front cost. 


QUESTION: We bought the home DVD at the local Christian bookstore.  Why can't we just show that at our church?  After all, we own the video!

SHORT ANSWER: NO! Find out why HERE. Also read our Exhibition FAQ.



 ACADEMIC LICENSE: Schools, colleges, and universities may purchase a special CAMPUS LICENSE or a CAMPUS TICKETING LICENSE to exhibit the movie. 

Academic Exhibition License

STANDARD CAMPUS LICENSE: This license is competitive with standard licenses from Swank, Residence Life, or any of the other campus movie licensing organizations, and the restrictions are similar.  The movie may not be advertised to the public outside the college or university and admission is free to students and faculty.

CAMPUS TICKETING LICENSE: This license allows the university to hold a ticketed public event for the community and charge admission.  There is a nominal fee up front to cover materials; the college or university then provides a report of how many tickets were sold and a portion of the net proceeds are paid to Foundery Pictures as movie rental for the event.