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Church License Now Available!

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Sep 20 2010
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September 15 - Foundery Pictures has announced the availability of a special license for local churches to screen the award-winning independent film Wesley for their congregations.  The movie, which premiered in 2009, was exhibited at select theaters across the US and at several international film festivals.  The special church license for congregations is available directly from the official movie web site,  A special "Church Movie Night Kit" is available that includes everything you need for a church screening except the popcorn and the audience!   License agreements are also available for exhibition at educational institutions.

The home DVD was released in July from Vision Video,  The home DVD may not be exhibited publicly without the purchase of a special exhibition license; Wesley is not covered by the CLVI license.

The movie has been featured at numerous international film festivals, including the Gideon Film Festival,  the International Christian Film Festival in Wales, the Heart of England Film Festival in the UK, the Phoenix International Christian Film Festival, and the CEVMA Film Festival in Milan, Italy.  It has won a number of awards, including the Silver Telly Award in the "Religion and Spirituality" category and the Silver Crown for "Best Picture" at the International Christian Visual Media Association's annual Crown Awards.  Unusually for a Christian film, the movie has also won recognition for cinematography and special effects, including the American Pixel Academy's FEXY Award for CGI effects.

The film stars Burgess Jenkins (Remember the Titans, The Reaping) as John Wesley, Emmy-nominated TV legend June Lockhart (Lost in Space, Lassie) as his mother, Susannah Wesley, Golden Globe winner Kevin McCarthy (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Death of a Salesman) as Bishop Ryder, and R. Keith Harris (Big Fish, Junebug) as John's hymn-writing younger brother Charles Wesley.

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