Use WESLEY As the Centerpiece of a

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Foundery Pictures is excited to partner with local districts, regional groups of churches, or Wesley Foundations to help you raise funds for crucial needs - and at the same time provide a powerful tool for members to learn more about their spiritual heritage!


We think that John Wesley would be pleased.


Please note that the fundraiser program is intended for situations where a significant number can be expected to attend. As with any fundraising program, substantial organization and effort must go into promotion to make the event work. Smaller congregations may wish to join together or partner with a larger congregation for an effective event.  If you simply wish to show the movie to a group at your church, you should purchase the Church License rather than signing up for the Fundraiser License.

To make this work, we have tried to create a very simple, straightforward program:

The first step is for your District or group of churches to identify the cause you wish to support.  It may be Haiti relief, disaster relief for Nashville or some other area, or a local focus like a building campaign.  The cause you wish to support is up to you.  Campus Wesley Foundations will often need to raise funds for their own on-campus ministry, though we also encourage them to consider designating a portion for mission causes.

STEP TWO: Identify the best venue for a movie exhibition in your district.  Many districts will have a congregation that has a large, well-equipped meeting hall, and an AV Tech-savvy staff.  WESLEY is a high-quality theatrical film with powerful and dynamic soundtrack.  The facility needs to have a large projection screen, a powerful projector, and a strong sound system.  Local college campuses may have an appropriate venue.  If there is not an appropriate venue in a church or college in your area, Foundery Pictures can help you rent a local theatre or appropriate performance venue for the event.

STEP THREE: Sign up for the Fundraising Program.  This is also simple and straightforward:

A.    Go to and complete the simple agreement there.  You will receive an emailed copy of the agreement and confirmation of your dates.

B.    Foundery Pictures will ship you at no charge a complete Fundraising Kit that includes:
a.    A specially licensed exhibition DVD (or Blu-Ray) of the movie
b.    An exhibition license for the event
c.     Full color theatrical posters
d.    Smaller (11x17) full color bulletin board posters
e.    A PR package with pre-written press releases and suggestions on how to promote the event locally
f.    Digital art for newsletters and a suggested newsletter article

C.    Decide if you also wish to sell DVDs of the movie and related items  at the event (this is highly recommended).  As part of the event, you will be given an EVENT CODE that will permit you to receive DVDs on consignment from Vision Video at a special discount price.

STEP FOUR:  Promote the event heavily to all your area churches , are college campuses, on local radio, in newspapers, and local TV news if possible.  Involving members of every church in the event is effective.

STEP FIVE:  As part of the event, take up a free will offering.  50% of this offering will be paid to Foundery Pictures as rental fee for the exhibition of the movie.  The other 50% of the offering goes to the charitable cause of your choice.  PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that campus Wesley Foundations sell tickets rather than taking a free-will offering.

If you wish, you can raise more money and provide a service for your members by selling DVDs of the movie (on consignment from Vision Video) after the event.  You will be able to return unsold DVDs and will be responsible for paying Vision Video the special discounted price for all DVDs sold

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